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Individualized Education Program

Individuals with disabilities have legal rights to an individualized education program (IEP). In order to qualify for an IEP, one or more disabling conditions must be identified. If it is determined that a disabling condition has an adverse effect on a student’s education, and if it can be addressed through specially designed instruction and related services, then an IEP should be developed to support the student.

Local schools are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of staffing, financial resources, and worker morale. These challenges are creating major limitations in the ways they can support students with disabilities. In this environment, it is especially important to ensure that the most appropriate level of services and programming are provided to your student. The best way to do that is to participate in a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s abilities, challenges, and sensitivities. The clinical insights gained through this process will be communicated to you and your educational team with recommendations for how to support your student to the greatest extent allowed by law. Click here to learn more about the whole person-environment approach to assessment.

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